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Hopsewee Plantation Guided Tour

Explore the home from room to room, including the two original slave cabins that still stand on the grounds. Learn about the rich history of Hopsewee, its previous families as well as its current owners, the Beatties, and the slaves who lived and worked on the plantation. During your visit, make sure to enjoy the mossy oaks and river vista. Afterward, and enjoy lunch or tea at River Oak Cottage, ranked as one of the state's top tea rooms.

Learn more about rice culture during your visit by watching excerpts from "When Rice Was King," produced by South Carolina ETV, and Georgetown County Library's "Kings to Slaves." These informative movies are screened
in the River Oak Cottage library, where your tour begins at the top of the hour with a 10-minute video introduction to Hopsewee Plantation with renowned South Carolina author and historian Walter Edgar.

Sweetgrass Basketweaving Workshops

Sweetgrass baskets are a Lowcountry tradition dating back to the 1700s, when they were brought to the United States by West African slaves. Handmade of tightly coiled strands of bundled grass, these strong yet supple baskets played an important role on southern rice plantations and today are treasured for their artistry and cultural significance.

Discover more about sweetgrass baskets and learn this unique craft in a hands-on class with instructor Vera Manigault. An eighth-generation weaver and Gullah descendant, Manigault is from Mount Pleasant, SC, the only area where baskets are still made, and has been featured in national magazines and television shows. Read more about her and this important art form in an article by USA Today.

494 Hopsewee Rd., Georgetown, SC 29440 | Phone: (843) 546-7891

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